Light behind the Darkness

The darkness is splitting open like the curtain on a stage. A ray of sunshine finally popping through what seemed like a never ending hell. The war inside my head rages on, but seems to have settled for now. Situations have changed and brought a bit of happiness into my life. It's amazing how one … Continue reading Light behind the Darkness

Loneliness with a side of anxiety

It's that time of the night again where my mind starts to wander. The wandering is no good because I start to get sad. When I start to get sad, it encourages the anxiety. The anxiety builds to a point where I start thinking everyone hates me and I feel all alone. Welcome to the … Continue reading Loneliness with a side of anxiety

The New World (Month 3 Begins)

So here we are, starting the third month of this bizarre life. The Hunger Games (2020 Edition) has been quite the battle. Things are starting to reopen as the weather warms up. People are still going stir crazy and flooding parks and beaches on the weekends. My fear is that illness will spike once again … Continue reading The New World (Month 3 Begins)

The New World…and the Crows that live in it

It's been a month and 17 days since I started this blog. The first post was March 21st. The day everything changed. Life took on a new challenge and became "The New World". Schools switched to online learning at home. Businesses throughout the country closed indefinitely if they were not deemed "essential". Grocery stores became … Continue reading The New World…and the Crows that live in it

The Queen’s Court (Part 1)

The red translucent dice barreled out of the paws of the Cheshire Cat, down the tree trunk and down the dirt path. He flashed a toothy grin just like always as the dice bumped against the fence and landed showing snake eyes. The obnoxiously calm cat always drew that score. The murder of crows looking … Continue reading The Queen’s Court (Part 1)

The New World… Beginning of Month 2

The sun is shining, we have blue skies and just a few clouds floating by. The air is crisp and trees and flowers are blooming. To the naked eye things look like a normal Spring day. However, we all know that things are not normal. Yes, the calendar says it's the end of April. No, … Continue reading The New World… Beginning of Month 2

The Saxophone or the Pen

In 3rd grade I had my first experience with playing an instrument. Albeit, the instrument was a flutophone, but it was still a musical device. The music teacher tortured me because I was not interested at all in learning how to play. I never practiced and even tried to skip the winter concert. I ended … Continue reading The Saxophone or the Pen

The New World… Day 30

Well, we've made it a whole month. The devious virus has kept us in our houses for 30 days. And now what? Another month, maybe 2 depending on where you live. The monotony of it all is wearing on people. Parents are losing their minds with the kids homeschooling. Kids want to hang out with … Continue reading The New World… Day 30

The New World… Day 26

Thursday... I seem to be having gaps of 4 days in my diary here. Most days go by as a blur. If I do realize I haven't written, I shrug my shoulders sometimes and say to myself "I'll do it tomorrow". Some days I just don't have anything to say. Being quiet seems like a … Continue reading The New World… Day 26

Rising from the Underground

This hell has to end. My brain is really starting to come unraveled and it's becoming quite the challenge to deal with. I know others feel the same way, but we all express it differently. This whole epidemic is not good for people's health. Not their physical health and not their mental health. That second … Continue reading Rising from the Underground